Friday, March 18, 2011

Musings: The Sequel

     Welcome back, welcome back.  Glad to see you still intact and even in such good spirits as to return to this literary abomination.
     I told you this would happen, though: I would walk away from the saved entry and rediscover multiple points, all vital to the topic, that I had forgotten to make.  Naturally, when the next opportunity to establish them comes along, they flee from my brain like a rabbit from a rattlesnake (oo, word picture).  It's also almost 4 in the morning.  (Blogspot lies.  I can't figure yet how to make it change the time of day, so it will probably be about 5 hours behind my actual time.)  As would be expected of any human being, I am tired and cannot appropriately formulate word combinations as accurately as I would normally.  I'll do my best, despite the odds.
     Mm-yes.  The other reason for blogs?  Ranting.  Absolutely.  I define a rant as an exhaustive spiel on the problems you have with the world and how the world is not fixing those problems that is terminated with a grandiose finale of either resignation to that which cannot be changed or resolve to that which is possible yet difficult.  In other words, I'm dumping my issues on the general public.  Don't panic; this won't hurt a bit.
     I have since learned from a friend that blogs are now considered "old news".  To be quite brutally honest, I'm relieved to have retained my old-fashioned character.  I would have missed it, had I lost it.
     In the interest of my overall well-being and your sanity, I believe I shall ditch my typical, drawn-out farewell and leave you with a neat little cliffhanger.  Next posting is bound to be epic.  Just take my word for it.  Yes, because I'm cool like that.  Stay tuned for the.... sequel to the sequel.

     Some cliffhanger that turned out to be. (Can't you just taste the sarcasm, here?  Delicious.)

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