Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And So It Begins...

     Ah, yes.  Fear me.  An eternal, uninhibited forum for my insidious ideals has been awarded me.  Or I awarded it to myself.  This still counts, correct?
     I do, indeed, have reasons for commencing such a hazardous endeavour as a blog.  For one, it gives me a little corner where I can unconcernedly utilize my exhaustive vocabulary and not cause anyone annoyance.  Unless, of course, they wish to be annoyed.  If that be the case, they can just read what I have to say, get their daily annoyance fix and live the rest of their waking hours in contented peace knowing they have fulfilled their duty and paid their tribute to mankind.  Or womankind.  Peoplekind.  Whatever.  I'm not sexist, I swear.  ..... Well, not intensely so.  Sexist within reason.  How on earth can you be "sexist within reason"?  (Evidence of why this blog begins with the word "paradoxical".)
     What does one do with a blog?  It's really just a long spew of the author's opinions, is it not?  Periodically with an added plug for certain specific causes/activities.  Oh boy.  I promise not to plague the masses with bothersome and useless advertisements for irrelevant junk.  People have enough clutter in their lives without someone else shoving more extras into them.  A wise man once said, "America is tanking because Americans are lazy and fat."  How true, in many many ways.
      How did I get from the purpose of blogging to the state of a nation in less than a paragraph?  Scatter-brained, I am, it would seem.  Or just leading an insightful string of thought along an uncharted path.  Yeah.  I like that second one.
     Some blog this turned out to be.  A flop of a first post.  Coulda tried harder, couldn't I?  I suppose I could have.  But if the readers really care about what's going on here, they'll come back for the sequel.  A flop of a first post leaves room for immense improvement, at least, so the next blog ought to be amazing.  Comparatively amazing, anyway.
     You know what's terrible?  The fact that, as I leave this draft and save it, I'll think of about seventeen other important points I forgot to make.  And it will be too late.  I've always been one for irony, but this is ridiculous.  In the end, I have to desist somewhere.  Sadly, I'm not one for abrupt goodbyes.  I drag them out.  I think I may have caused myself some trouble in the past with that one.  Let's just say I'm learning how to stay my welcome and not wear it out.  Wish me luck.

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