Friday, June 3, 2011

Embarkment on a New Quest

     I…. have a plan.  And when I get a plan, that’s when you brace yourselves for something so intensely anticlimactic your great-grandchildren will feel the disappointment.

     The saying goes that you learn something new every day.  I'm out to prove this theory.  Or test it, rather.  Let’s see how much I actually learn on a daily basis.  I don’t care what it is I learn, how long or abstract the concept is, how I came by the information, or anything along those lines.  If I didn’t know it before, I learned it.  If I had an inkling of the idea before, it doesn’t count.  Old news.  The rules state that the new knowledge has to be just that: brand new information.  I don’t care if I have to look up Google’s little-known Fact of the Day.  At least it’s something.  Ninety days work for everyone?  It's a moderate length; it's doable.  So let’s go.

     This is so going to be harder than you think it will be.  But still, how can learning one thing a day be a chore?  We’ll find out, I guess.  God help me if I miss a day.

     And yes, unfortunately for all of you, I plan to share all my new-found intelligence here.  Partly to hold me accountable and partly because it will keep me pinned to a blogging schedule of sorts.  (Routine = gold.  But.  Routine also = boring most of the time.  Eh, life is a balance.)  Oh! And as long as I write my discoveries, I won’t be the only one learning stuff.  I’ll be sharing with all of you wonderful people who absolutely want to know everything I do, right? I knew you’d agree.  You guys are great.

     Okie dokie.  Day one.  That’s today.  Or yesterday, since it’s past midnight. (Yay.)  Suffice to say I stomped trigonometry.  Finally.  That concept took forever.  But now I get it, so it’s all good.  Whew.  I feel stupid, taking this long to grasp the thing, but… I guess the important thing is that I understand it in the end?  Sure.  I never claimed to be a math whiz.  Words are my niche.  Numbers are…. not.  Antilogarithms are tomorrow.  At least I actually like logarithms.  Here goes nothing.

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